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We Got The Big One in Singapore - The all New Chevrolet Captiva!

The All New All-Wheel Drive SUV from Chevrolet is finally here, and we can’t wait for you to see it.

It’s big and it’s awesome. The all new Captiva 2.4 LT is a great looking 7-seater AWD SUV that’s built to take entire families or all of your best pals off the beaten track in style. And when you’re in the mood for painting the town red, you’ll find that this Chevy SUV is as good as it gets when it comes to ride comfort and executive-style comfort.

But here’s even better news: the Captiva LT from Alpine Motors comes better fitted and better styled. Along with Alpine Motors lower servicing costs and wider range of services, you can expect the following when you buy from any of our 2 showrooms:

  • 18-inch Alloy Rims
  • Exclusive Top Grade Leather Seats
  • Exclusive Leather-bound Telescopic Steering Wheel
  • Factory installed Parking Sensors
  • Cruise Control
  • Side Steps
  • Electronic Sun Roof
  • Rain Sensor
Hurry down to our showroom at 8 Boon Lay Way or 833 Bukit Timah Road to see the Captiva LT for yourself.

New York motor show : Chevy Triplets

New York motor show
Chevy triplets steal limelight
These three Chevrolet superminis stole the limelight at the New York expoBy Sam Hardy

Following on from the computer-generated illustrations we published last week (Issue 955), Auto Express can now bring you the best pictures yet of the exciting trio that points the way to a head-turning Matiz replacement. Most eye-catching is the Beat – a three-door hot hatchback painted Vertigo Green and featuring aggressive LED tail-lights which take styling cues from the Ultra WTCC concept.

Under the bonnet is a turbocharged 1.2-litre petrol engine, while inside, the headlining uses fibre-optic lights to provide a ‘sky-at-night’ feel. What’s more, the dash features a pop-up juke-box instead of a standard stereo.

An altogether more rugged interpretation is the Trax – a crossover fitted with protective moulded bumpers and a spare wheel mounted on the rear. Under the skin, it gets a hybrid 4x4 system that uses an electric motor to drive the rear wheels.

Chevrolet says the set-up is cheap to manufacture, easy to fit and has no negative effect on fuel consumption. That means it could quite easily make its way on to future small Chevrolets.

Completing the stylish trio is the retro Groove, which takes its inspiration from Sixties hot rods. This model sports an upright windscreen, chunky shoulders and large 17-inch alloys in a wheel-at-each-corner layout. Under the bonnet, power comes from a 1.0-litre diesel engine.

Each concept has been created at parent company GM’s design studio in Incheon, South Korea. They have been made not only to reflect bosses’ desire to expand the Chevrolet range worldwide, but also to suit changing tastes in the US, where smaller, more frugal cars are becoming popular.

However, the concepts’ main purpose is to show the look of the next Matiz, due in 2009. To gauge public reaction, the marque has set up the site, where fans can pick their favourite design.

Sister firm Vauxhall will unwrap its new small car – to replace the Agila – next year, but it won’t share the Chevy’s platform. Instead, this architecture will be used on another Vauxhall, to sit above the Agila, in a few years’ time.

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Posted by: "Johnson H. A (Aveo Milis Indonesia)

Wed Apr 11, 2007 12:33 am (PST)

Kebetulan 2 minggu yang lalu aku menghadiri Bangkok Motor Show 2007 di BITEC itu. Sempat juga liat2 Captiva. Memang mobil satu itu keren habis euy. Modelnya jauh lebih bagus dari Honda CRV 2007. Interiornya juga apik banget, terutama bagian dashboard.
Cuman ya itu, sekeren apapun mobilnya, pertanyaan selanjutnya dari calon pembeli adalah: "bagaimana dengan after sales servicenya?".
Ini yang sangat kurang dari GM/Chevrolet indonesia.

Seharusnya GM Indonesia belajar dari GM Thailand. Mereka sangat bersaing soal harga dan after sales servicenya sangat bagus. Itu yang membuat mereka mampu menduduki posisi ke tiga dalam penjualan mobil di sini.

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Motivation by Carlos Ghosn

Ghosn likes to quote the words of Antoine de Saint­-Exupery, the French pilot and poet who once wrote :
"If you want to
build a ship, don't drum up the people to collect wood and don't assign them tasks and work, but rather teach them to long for the endless immensity of the sea."

Read the full story from Carlos Ghosn CEO Nissan

Monday, April 09, 2007


"If you want to build a ship, don't drum up the people to collect the wood
and don't assign them tasks and work, but rather teach them to long for the
endless immensity of the sea."
Antoine de Saint-Exupery, as quoted by Carlos Ghosn

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Chevy : The Proud Parent of Triplets

By Ed Peper

General Manager, Chevrolet

What an exciting year we’ve had here at Chevy! I could spend a whole post just talking about all the great stuff that Chevy’s already done this year. You can be thankful I’m resisting the temptation, though.

But there is something new and exciting that I have to tell you about — Chevy’s new set of triplets.

At the New York Auto Show, we have just unveiled our latest babies — the Chevrolet Beat, Groove and Trax — a trio of vehicles that demonstrate GM’s design innovation. We’re always biased about our own “kids,” but I really think these are fun and spirited concepts. I’m proud that they are practical and fuel-sipping, but they don’t sacrifice style. These cars also fulfill the rising popularity of this segment worldwide, from Shanghai to Paris to Rio to Moscow — all places where Chevrolet sales are already rising fast! And we think they’ll help us grow sales even more.

Now, we want the consumer’s opinion on these new products. So we’re soliciting public reaction at Head on over, take a look at the triplets — and let us know what you think!

Want to see more photos? Make sure to check out Flickr.

Chevy Concepts on Flickr

Sunday, April 01, 2007

New President Director GM-Indonesia : Mukiat Sutikno

Tanggal Kirim: 30 Mar 2007 16:46:19 Penulis: Andrie Tjhia

Seperti yang kita ketahui, orang nomor satu di manajemen General Motors (GM) di negara mana pun, pastilah dipegang oleh orang asing. Asumsi bahwa mereka datang dari negara maju yang notabene secara budaya lebih disiplin, handal dan terpercaya menjadi alasan utama membenarkan keadaan tersebut.

Kali ini, GM merubah filosofi tersebut. Dengan mengedepankan fakta bahwa orang lokal lebih mengerti secara pasti keadaan pasar otomotif
di negaranya, maka manajemen lokal pun dipercaya menggantikan manajemen internasional.

Kamis (29/3), bertempat di salah satu hotel berbintang di kawasan Senayan, PT. General Motors AutoWorld Indonesia (GM Indonesia) secara resmi mengumumkan Mukiat Sutikno sebagai Managing Director GM Indonesia yang baru.

William S. Botwick, Presiden Direktur GM se-Asia Tenggara, menjelaskan bahwa, "Saat ini adalah saat yang tepat untuk mengubah manajemen internasional menjadi manajemen lokal. Kami memilih Mukiat, karena GM melihat pengalamannya dalam mengembangkan industri otomotif di Indonesia, sekaligus diyakini lebih mengenal kemauan dan keinginan pasar lokal."

Mengomentari kepercayaan yang diberikan GM kepada dirinya, Mukiat mengatakan, "Saya sangat senang terpilih sebagai Managing Director GM yang baru. Saya juga berterima kasih kepada Arif Pramadana (Operation Director GM Indonesia-red). Ke depannya kami akan bersama-sama mengembangkan produk Chevrolet di Indonesia. Misi selanjutnya, saya akan membangun kembali 'image' Chevrolet di Indonesia. Sekaligus bersama tim dari GM, kami akan melanjutkan agenda-agenda yang telah ditentukan oleh GM, serta melaksanakan rencana untuk meluncurkan mobil baru di masa depan."

Pada kesempatan yang sama, Botwick juga menjelaskan mengenai Indonesia yang sedang dalam tahap studi analisa terkait kesiapan dan kelayakannya untuk menjadi basis produksi GM di Asia. Namun sampai saat ini GM masih belum bisa memberikan keputusan terkait hal tersebut.

Beralih ke Chevrolet Captiva, rencananya SUV terbaru GM tersebut akan diluncurkan ke pasar Indonesia pertengahan tahun ini. Ketika ditanya soal harga, pihak GM masih belum bisa menyebutkan secara pasti angka ataupun kisaran harganya. "Untuk masalah harga Captiva, kami masih mempelajarinya," ujar Mukiat.

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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Top 10 Carmakers with the Best Dealerships

Washington DC March 8, 2007

The AIADA newsletter reported that yesterday Forbes rated the top ten carmakers with the most attentive, effectual dealerships.

BMW's MINI made the list, thanks to its customer-friendly sales approach. "We really catered all aspects of the dealership experience to our target customers," says MINI spokesman Andrew Cutler. "And they're a different kind of customer in that they're very hands-on and technically tuned-in and want to know about their car."

J.D. Power's Tom Gauer says that dealers as a whole are getting better at respecting customers' time, but that this is still a major point of contention that separates the best from the worst. Dealerships with the highest sales satisfaction have gone to a single-contact system all the way through the sales process, which helps keep the customer from feeling passed off or ignored. This tactic has long been used at luxury dealers, but non-luxury ones are increasingly adopting it.

10 car companies -- luxury and non-luxury -- with the best dealership experience by combining their SSI and CSI scores.

The autochannel

Top 10 Carmakers with the Best Dealerships

Washington DC March 8, 2007

The AIADA newsletter reported that yesterday Forbes rated the top ten carmakers with the most attentive, effectual dealerships.

BMW's MINI made the list, thanks to its customer-friendly sales approach. "We really catered all aspects of the dealership experience to our target customers," says MINI spokesman Andrew Cutler. "And they're a different kind of customer in that they're very hands-on and technically tuned-in and want to know about their car."

J.D. Power's Tom Gauer says that dealers as a whole are getting better at respecting customers' time, but that this is still a major point of contention that separates the best from the worst. Dealerships with the highest sales satisfaction have gone to a single-contact system all the way through the sales process, which helps keep the customer from feeling passed off or ignored. This tactic has long been used at luxury dealers, but non-luxury ones are increasingly adopting it.

10 car companies -- luxury and non-luxury -- with the best dealership experience by combining their SSI and CSI scores.

The autochannel

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Driving the Chevrolet Captiva in Holland

From "" the internet automotive magazine

Reactions by owners

Name : "Mail"
Experience with the car : Beautiful car, drives incredibble. Enjoyable to drive on the highway. On rough terrain, remarkably quite, no rattling. Consumption 11-12Ltr/100km, not very economical. But one should not complain when buying a car like this.

Name : S.Snijder
Experience with the car : Experience the sensation! What a perfect car.

Name : "Info"
Experience with the car :
You can buy the 2.4liter gasoline with confidence. It is not a performance vehicle, but what difference does it make doing zero to 100kph (60mph) in eleven and not 10 seconds, just one second. Easy to move around traffic . If you are looking for a nice spacious vehicle, you try the Captiva. I recommended it.

Name : Pijnacker
Experience with the car :
I am absolutely satisfied with it wit the 2.4L version I bought. The car is extremely comfortable and richly equipped,especially for a base model.

Name : Richard Druppers
Experience with the car :
You have to buy it! Everybody has something to complain about the 2.4L engine. Here (, de Autoweek, Autovisie and others. I startedwith the info compiled from deze publication and bought the Captiva anyway. Conclusion : Sometimes the automotive press is not in line with our experience.
No need to spend unnecessarily, at least givethe 2.4L-version a try. For me he is more than satisfactory.

Comments on the testreport

Name : BMW
I tried the V6 and I have to say that I was impressed, beautiful finish, tight suspension, drives very controlled. In comparison to the Santa Fe and the Sorento(Hyundai), the Captiva gives a more definitive European impression.

Name : Victor
I tried the 150PK diesel version but eventually choose the 127HP version. I will only get mine in June. After reading the testreports, we started wondering if we choose the right engine.

Name ; Herman Van Dijk
I too drove an entire weekend in the 2.4L Captiva and I have to admit that I was surprised by its comfort, quite ride and quality of the car. In respect to any minusses of the 2.4L; I didn't notice any! It rides beatifully.

Name : Verryssen Ronal
I tried it during the Open House, and was charmed by this beautiful SUV, the 2.4L version. The price/quality performance is quite reasonable if not excellent.

Name : Robert Gras
I too tried my hand at this baby, and I have to agree with the previous comment plus the following : What is wrong with the 2.4L? True, it's not a performance beast, will not tear up the road, but then I would have taken a Cayenne (Oh no, forget it! Did you see the price?). So : a car with a great impression. Even with the 2.4, a decent performance and great material finish. Mij opinion : For the driver who is not a real road warrior and looks for something different.

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Fastlane Blog : Good Feedback on the Certified Used Vehicle Warranty

By Brian McVeigh

General Manager, Fleet and Commercial Operations (USA)

Preliminary reports from our dealers indicate that customer interest has been encouraging regarding last week’s announcement that General Motors will provide a fully transferable 5-year/100,000-mile powertrain limited warranty with no deductible on 2002-2006 model GM Certified Used Vehicles.

You should note that there are no exceptions to eligibility for this powertrain limited warranty, which is standard only on 2002-2006 model year GM Certified Used Vehicles purchased on or after March 5, 2007. However, you may want to consider the many GM Protection Plan offerings, as they can be tailored to include only the powertrain components or broader coverage, based on your needs.

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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

GM's Vauxhall VXR8, the Australian challenge to BMW's M5

On the menu of this coupe : A 6 litre V8 engine , 420 horsepower and 550 Nm of torque. Accellerating from 0 to 60mph (+100 km/h) in 4.9 seconds. No joking. And thanks to the 360mm brake discs the VXR8 comes to a stop quicker than either the M5 or the Lamborgini Murcielago. All this for only €53.000, close to half the price of an M5 or a Class E63.

Quoted from :

Getting a Jolt From Chevy Volt

By Bob Lutz
GM Vice Chairman

The introduction of our Chevrolet Volt concept car and E-Flex electric propulsion system at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit last month created quite a stir, garnering twice the media coverage as the runner up for us, our Chevrolet Camaro convertible.

The Volt came on the heels of our announcement at the Los Angeles show that we’ve begun work on a Saturn Vue plug-in hybrid, and puts a face on our efforts to diversify the energy sources we use to power automobiles.

However, some cynics accused us of pulling a PR stunt, saying the Volt is simply an attempt by GM to “greenwash” the public and would never be a real vehicle. The truth is just the opposite — we are treating Volt just like any other vehicle we do, giving it a dedicated development team and designating resources for it. With that in mind, I thought I’d take a moment to update you on the program so far.

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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Chevrolet Captiva : Desain Modern Bercita Rasa Amerika

General Motors (GM) yang melahirkan SUV baru Chevrolet ini dikenal memiliki DNA yang kuat dalam menciptakan SUV

Seperti apakah wujud dan keistimewaan Chevrolet Captiva? Buat pembaca setia, berikut kami sampaikan gambaran secara lengkapnya. Sejarah singkatnya, General Motors (GM) yang melahirkan SUV baru Chevrolet ini dikenal memiliki DNA yang kuat dalam menciptakan SUV.

Sejarah SUV GM sendiri sudah diukir pada 1935. Di usia yang masih muda, 27 tahun (lahir 1908), GM berani melansir sebuah SUV 8-seater yang berbobot sekitar setengah ton. Chevrolet Suburban merupakan SUV pertama GM. Hingga kini Suburban merupakan salah satu SUV tersukses sepanjang sejarah di Amerika Serikat.

Links : Klik di link2 berikut untuk artikelnya :

Artikel selengkapnya

Captiva di Chevrolet UK

Captiva New Zealand/Australia (Holden)

GM Indonesia berpeluang salip Thailand

oleh : Ahmad Muhibuddin, Bisnis Indonesia

JAKARTA: PT General Motor Indonesia (GMI) berpeluang mengambil alih peran General Motor Thailand sebagai basis produksi produsen otomotif Amerika Serikat di Asia Tenggara menyusul kebijakan ekonomi yang tidak kondusif di Negeri Gajah Putih tersebut.

Direktur PT GMI Arif Pramadana mengatakan sebagai negara dengan potensi pasar mobil terbesar di kawasan Asean, Indonesia merupakan salah satu negara yang dilirik oleh raksasa otomotif dari Negeri Paman Sam, GM.
Dia mengakui pasar produk GM yang menggunakan merek Chevrolet di Indonesia saat ini belum terlalu kuat. Namun pihaknya mulai tahun ini akan memfokuskan diri pada penguatan brand dan produk, perbaikan layanan purna jual dan perluasan jaringan penjualan, serta optimalisasi sumber daya manusia.

"Kami memang belum besar di sini, tapi kami punya komitmen berinvestasi di Indonesia. Jadi tidak tertutup kemungkinan, GM Indonesia mengambil alih GM Thailand untuk menjadi basis produksi GM di Asean. Kapan waktunya, kami belum tahu," katanya, kepada Bisnis. Pemerintahan Thailand yang didukung oleh kekuatan militer setempat telah menerapkan kebijakan pengendalian mata uang serta peraturan perundangan baru yang membatasi kepemilikan asing sehingga mempengaruhi kepercayaan investor. (tw)

Bisnis Indonesia

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Arif Pramadana

Pada tahun 1950 perkembangan bisnis di dunia otomotif pernah ditorehkan oleh PT. General Motors Indonesia (GMI) atau sekarang lebih dikenal dengan General Motor AutoWorld Indonesia (GMAW) sebagai ATPM Chevrolet. Kebesaran nama Chevrolet pada masa itu sangat menakjubkan. Selain sebagai salah satu pionir dalam menciptakan kendaraan-kendaraan bermesin besar, Chevrolet juga merupakan salah satu produsen yang pertama kali memperkenalkan kendaraan sport utility vehicle (SUV) pada tahun 1980.

Yang jelas kijayaan Chevrolet mulai dari masa lalu hingga saat ini merupakan bukti inovasi dan kerja keras yang terus dilakukan oleh orang-orang yang berpengalaman di bidangnya.Saat ini, GMAW memiliki seorang komandan baru, yaitu Arif Pramadana, pria asal Sumatera Utara. Arif mengisi posisi yang ditinggalkan oleh Presiden Direktur Ali Pandir yang secara resmi mengundurkan diri sejak 31 Oktober 2006.

Pria yang menyenyam pendidikan di Inggris sejak SMU ini, menjadi salah satu orang yang dipercaya untuk menggawang PT.GMAW di Indonesia. Setelah beberapa tahun melalang buana bersama Chevrolet, kini is dipercaya untuk memimpin menjalankan program-program yang telah dirancang selama tahun ini. Disela-seta kesibukannya, is dengan ramah menerima Autoshop untuk sebuah wawancara eksklusif. Berikut ini petikan wawancara pria yang sedang memimpikan mobil Aston Martin ini.

Saturday, February 03, 2007

GM Warranty Gets Better in the US. Improve GM resale value

By Brian McVeigh

General Manager, GMNA Field Sales, Service & Parts

I’m out in Las Vegas at the annual conference of the National Automobile Dealers Association — some of the most important people in our business. It’s always great to be with our dealer partners, because they aren’t shy about sharing their opinions with auto manufacturers. Plus they get direct input from car buyers. Today, General Motors North American President, Troy Clarke, was able to deliver some great news to them that will help improve car buyers’ opinions of GM vehicles.

We announced that beginning March 5, GM will offer its limited powertrain warranty and 24-hour roadside assistance for 100,000 miles or five years (whichever comes first) on all 2002-2006 Certified Used Vehicles from Chevrolet, GMC, Pontiac, Buick and Oldsmobile. This warranty is fully transferable, has no deductible and covers over 900 powertrain-related components. It also includes a limited bumper-to-bumper warranty for 3-months or 3,000 miles (whichever comes first).

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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Think Big : Designing the message

Want to hook customers? Remember that good design isn't simply about the product, it' about the entire business.

Behind every great customer experience is a tight coupling of product, service brand expression and business system. Designing for business - both the product and the message that go with it - is essential because a great experience should not be a veneer or hollow shell built to disguise an otherwise unremarkable product or service. A customer experience is the sum of many things working in concerto to create something true, authentic,, and compelling. User delight must be designed into every element. Not just the user-facing offering , but the product line, information systems, service and support, marketing communications - everything that will influence what customers hear, see, and feel.

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2007 Chevrolet Aveo LT 4-Door Review (USA)

With carey Russ

2007 Chevrolet Aveo LT 4-Door

Subcompact sedans may not be high-profile dream machines, but they do meet a need. As inexpensive transportation, both in price and operating cost, a subcompact sedan works for people with modest budgets who want a new car, not a used one. And a subcompact can also work well as a dedicated commute vehicle, especially if it's roomy enough inside for a four-person carpool.
With rising fuel costs, subcompacts have been getting more attention in this country recently, and Chevrolet has the Aveo as its entry in this competitive segment. Like many of its competitors, the Aveo is offered in hatchback or sedan form. 2007 sees significant upgrades to the Aveo, and this bodes well.
I drove one of the original Aveo hatchbacks when it was new a couple of years ago. In its first year, it was decent but not great, lacking suspension refinement. Subsequent refinements to the engine, suspension, and safety systems improved it, and having Chevy's extensive distribution network behind it helped make it popular. But the 2007 model is improved further, and the Aveo is now a solid contender in the subcompact class.

from :, 21 Jan'2007
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Monday, January 22, 2007

The Australian : Holden Captiva

Holden's SUV line-up has suffered a big gap for several years – but now has a vehicle worthy of the place, writes Robert Wilson

SELL the sizzle, not the steak, is one of the oldest maxims of marketing. Now Holden at last has something to get the juices flowing among those with an appetite for SUVs.

For two years Holden's SUV offering has been meaty but unappealing. The Adventra was a modified Commodore wagon, and while a reasonable choice for a trans-Outback expedition it never captured the imagination of suburbia – where most SUVs are sold.

With hindsight, it's not hard to see why. The Adventra's undoubted dirt road touring ability was the steak, but where was the sizzle? Without the tough styling and high driving position of other SUVs it seemed a bit undercooked in most potential buyers' eyes.e imagination of suburbia – where most SUVs are sold.

The Australian..

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Strong Earnings Seen For GM

Market Scan R.M. Schneiderman, 01.16.07, 11:47 AM ET

Ailing auto giant General Motors should see solid earnings over the next two quarters, according to a Monday report by Goldman Sachs.
"GM's outlook and strategy update at the Detroit Auto Show on January 11 reinforced our expectation for positive earnings momentum in the fourth quarter of 2006 and the first quarter of 2007," said Robert Barry, an analyst for the research firm.

The reason: cost savings from job and benefit cuts as well as stronger-than-expected SUV pricing and sales. "Anecdotally, GM management seems to have more spring in its step - no doubt in anticipation of what is set to be its strongest lineup in years," said the analyst. He added that the company's planned fleet sale cuts should also weight positively on earnings.

Nonetheless, he cautioned that GM (nyse: GM - news - people ) still faces long-term problems and that foreign competition may continue to eat away at marketshare."We do not think GM's current product cadence strength and related benefits will drive a sustainable 'turnaround,'" said Barry. He has a "neutral" rating on the company.

GM is set to report earnings on Jan. 30

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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

The order books have opened -New Chevrolet Captiva from only £16,995 on-the-road

By Nigel Bernhard (The
London, January 15, 2007

With an impressive equipment list, stylish good looks, up to seven seats and brilliant all-round flexibility, you could be forgiven for thinking that the Captiva would cost a lot more than it does – yet prices start at just £16,995 on-the-road.

What’s more, even the entry-level model is superbly equipped – the front-wheel drive 2.4-litre LS 5-speed manual comes with air conditioning, a six-speaker radio-CD with MP3 capability and remote controls, electrically-adjustable mirrors, tailgate with separate opening rear window, front, side and roof airbags, 16-inch alloy wheels, five full-size three-point seatbelts, charcoal-coloured roof rails, remote two-stage central locking and a Thatcham-approved security system with deadlocks.

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Friday, January 12, 2007

AutoWeek Editors Choice Awards : Chevy Volt

The Best of Detroit 2007 North American International Auto Show

"MOST SIGNIFICANT" : Chevrolet Volt

“The idea behind the car—a pure electric powertrain that gets its energy from plugging in at home or work, or from an on-board generator powered by a small gasoline engine—is surprisingly simple,” said Gritzinger. “GM says they’ll be ready to build this car by 2010 or 2012, and unless battery companies can’t come through, Volt and GM’s E-flex System could spell the beginning of the end of America’s addiction to foreign oil.”

The Volt's interior..

The Awards article at

Thursday, January 11, 2007

GM Indonesia : Fresh face for 2007 confirmed

JAKARTA: Tahun 2007 ini tampaknya akan menjadi milik SUV mengingat banyaknya model baru yang dipasarkan di segmen ini. Setelah Daihatsu Terios dan Toyota Rush dirilis ke pasar, kini giliran PT General Motors Indonesia (GMI) bersiap memasarkan produk andalannya, New Chevrolet Captiva.

Saat dikonfirmasi, Pulic Relation Manager PT GMI Kiki Fajar memastikan pihaknya akan segera mendatangkan pengganti Chevrolet Blazer bagi pencinta model sport utility vehicle (SUV) di Indonesia pada tahun ini. Model yang dimaksud adalah New Chevrolet Captiva, mobil sport multiguna dengan kapasitas mesin 2.000 cc.

“Kami rencanakan awal semester II atau sekitar Juli akan merilis New Chevrolet Captiva di Indonesia. Kemungkinan kami akan mengimpornya secara CBU [completely built-up] dari Thailand,” ungkapnya, akhir pekan lalu.

Sejak PT GMI menghentikan produksi Blazer di pabriknya di Pondok Ungu, Bekasi, pada Maret 2005, perusahaan ini belum memiliki model mobil SUV baru di Indonesia.

Coba bandingkan si Chevy Captiva (kanan) dengan BMW X5 (klik link ini untuk gambar), boleh juga kan.

Baca artikel lengkapnya di KampoengNews..

Lutz: GM’s Image is Changing

Images aren't easy to change, but there's little doubt that General Motors' got a real boost from this year's North American International Auto Show, said the automaker's outspoken car czar, Bob Lutz. It has received wide praise for its new models, as well as kudos jurors on the North American Car and Truck of the Year jury who picked the Chevrolet Silverado as top truck and the Saturn Aura as best car during the opening session of the Detroit Auto Show.

"That shows that perceptions about General Motors are changing, especially among the media," said the septuagenarian executive, adding that positive coverage will help GM improve its image among potential buyers. "You can't do that with advertising anymore, even with all the money in the world." There's an internal payoff, as well, stressed Lutz. With the GM team "energized," he suggested, "that drives performance."

Even so, the vice chairman admitted there are some speedbumps in GM's path. Another surge in oil prices could hurt sales of the new Silverado and other full-size trucks. And while the company has trimmed about $9 billion out of its fixed, annual costs, it still has a severe cost penalty compared to competitors like GM. So-called "legacy" costs including retiree health care, puts the Detroit maker several thousand dollars behind the likes of Toyota in terms of what it costs to build a vehicle like the new Aura.

Read the full article at The ..

Car Awards of the year

After last year's double victory by Honda winning both awards, this year is GM's turn to win both with the "Saturn Aura" and the "Chevrolet Silverado".

This was however not an expected outcome. Since the creation of the awards in 1994, the American manufacturers have managed to bring home seven "car of the year"-awards, and 9 "Truck of the year"-awards. the jury is comprised of 49 journalists representing both Canada and the U.S.

Nominees 2007 North American Car of the Year Nominees 2007 North American Truck of the Year :

Chrysler Sebring Acura MDX Dodge Caliber Acura RDX Honda Fit Audi Q7 Hyundai Elantra BMW X5 Infiniti G35 Chevrolet Tahoe/Suburban Jaguar XK/XKR Chevrolet Silverado Lexus LS 460 Dodge Nitro Mercedes-Benz S-class Ford Edge Nissan Altima GMC Acadia Nissan Versa Honda CR-V Saturn Aura Hyundai Santa Fe Toyota Camry Jeep Wrangler Mazda CX-7 Saturn Vue Green Line Toyota FJ Cruiser

List of the winners since 1994 :

1994 : Mercedes Classe C / Dodge Ram

1995 : Chrysler Cirrus / Chevrolet Blazer

1996 : Chrysler minivan / Ford F150

1997 : Mercedes SLK / Ford Expedition

1998 : Chevrolet Corvette / Mercedes Classe M

1999 : Volkswagen Beetle / Jeep Grand Cherokee

2000 : Ford Focus / Nissan XTerra
2001 : Chrysler PT Cruiser / Acura MDX
2002 : Nissan Altima / Chevrolet TrailBlazer

2003 : Mini / Volvo XC90

2004 : Toyota Prius / Ford F150

2005 : Chrysler 300 / Ford Escape Hybrid

2006 : Honda Civic / Honda Ridgeline

Read the original at (French)...

Other articles on the awards :

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Chevrolet SS Concept

Concept : Contemporary Chevy Muscle

The 2003 Chevrolet SS concept showcases a new generation of Chevy muscle, with dynamic design, race-proven technology and balanced performance.

A modern interpretation of Chevrolet's Super Sport heritage, the Chevy SS is a contemporary four-door family sedan turned sports car. It packs rear-wheel drive with a high-technology version of the legendary small-block V-8, and high-performance suspension and brakes to match.

"It's a vehicle to be shared with your family or with your buddies," said Franz von Holzhausen, the SS's exterior designer. "It builds on Chevrolet's great performance heritage, while updating the SS concept for a whole new generation."

Read the story at

Chevrolet Borrego

Chevrolet developed the Transformer-like Borrego concept vehicle to target youthful, active drivers

Targeting youthful, active drivers, Chevrolet has developed the Transformer-like Borrego concept vehicle. With partner Subaru supplying the drivetrain, it's hard not to see the Borrego as a 21st-century Brat, though the Gen-Y target audience never heard of that bite-sized pickup.

In cargo mode, the Borrego is a two-seater with a six-foot bed. Activate the Avalanche-inspired midgate via remote control to create four-place seating, reducing the cargo box to three feet. A roof panel that is stored under the cargo bed is then installed to cover these two new seats, and the rear window can be raised again, if desired. Self-inflating seals keep the compartment watertight regardless of whether it's set up for two passengers or four.

Read the full story at

Friday, January 05, 2007

Revisited : The GM Concept Cars

From Radical to more radical..

One of our most popular articles has been our coverage of some of the GM Concept cars of the 1950s and 1960s. In this expanded and revised article, we renew our acquaintance with some of those fantastic looking cars - and add a whole lot more, some shown in rare colour pictures.

1938 Buick Y-Job Concept Car

The 1938 Buick Y-Job is generally considered the industry's first concept car. Created by General Motors Styling and Buick Engineering, it was designed by Harley J. Earl, GM's first design chief, and built on a production Buick chassis modified by Charlie Chayne, then Buick's chief engineer. Buick called it "Y" because so many makers dubbed experimental cars "X." Styling and mechanical features of the "Y Job" showed up on GM products, particularly Buick and Cadillac, throughout the '40's...

Read the full article (Autospeed Magazine) with concepts from the thirties till now...

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Ini Dia! Gudang Buku Otomotif


Kesulitan mencari buku manual mobil kesayangan Anda? Atau, membutuhkan buku panduan restorasi mobil vintage? Sambangi saja OtoBooks di kawasan Bona Indah, Lebak Bulus, Jakarta, atau kontak ke
0812 966 6270. "OtoBooks yang dimulai pada 2000 ini berawal dari hobi," ujar Herman Haryadi, sang pemilik toko buku. "Namun seiring peningkatan minat konsumen, kini menjadi komersial." Koleksi OtoBooks terbilang lengkap, dengan lebih dari 1.500 judul buku. Sebut saja buku manual Land Rover, Toyota Hardtop, BMW, sampai buku model sepeda motor Harley Davidson. Sejumlah pelanggan dari luar kota juga sangat terbantu lantaran OtoBooks menyediakan layanan pengiriman.

Sumber : Hang Tuah Blog (Click link)

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Impala - The American answer to the Camry to come to Indonesia?

Rule three of automotive journalism: When a domestic carmaker introduces a new midsize, midprice sedan, reviewers are to write, "They're now as good as Camry and Accord." So here goes. The 2008 Chevy Malibu, which Chevrolet will introduce at the 2007 Detroit Auto Show, looks like it's now as good as the Camry and Accord.

Our obligation to the profession complete, it's only fair that we ask you to check back a few months from now to see what we think of the new 'Bu after we actually drive the thing. But, we must say, the completely restyled, more powerful Malibu sedan really does look pretty good.

Read the article at


Otomotif, 25 Desember 2006

Prinsip kerja CR (Common Rail) sebenarnya mirip dengan mesin bensin yang sudah mengusung sis­tem fuel injection. Penyemprotan bahan bakarnya diatur se­cara electronic dengan perantara ECU (electronic control unity atau bisa dibilang komputer.

Di CR mempunyai satu pompa yang diatur oleh solenoid valve un­tuk menyalurkan solar ke setiap silinder.
Tekanan penyernprotannya pun sangat tinggi (± 1.800 bar). Begitupun komponen-komponen seperti injektor di CR didesain lebih akurat ketimbang injector konvensional. "Sehingga membutuh­kan bahan bakar spek tinggi," tegas Aloysius Oentoro, general manager parts & service PT Multi France Motor, ATPM Peugeot.

Jadi jika kualitas solar jelek atau sulfur tinggi, akibatnya rawan terhadap kinerja mesin. "Tekanan yang dikeluarkan tidak akan maksimal," jelas Budi Sujanto, aftersales manager PT Auto Euro Indonesia, ATPM Renault.

Memang, sebagai tahap awal solar sudah disaring oleh filter solar. Namun jika dibiarkan atau jarang dicek saringanya itu tak tertutup kemungkinan bisa menjalar ke injektor dan komponen lain. "Filter solar lebih cepat mampet dibanding mesin diesel biasa. Karena punya lubang yang sangat ke­cil di CR," lanjut Dendy Tjahjaindra.

Lebih lanjutnya, pengendara akan merasakan tenaga mesin yang kurang maksimal. Lebih detailnya, "Kemung­kinan mesin jadi pincang atau mbrebet," imbuh Dendy.

Memang sangat disayangkan, saat pemerintah sedang mengikrarkan efisiensi pemakaian bahan bakar namuntidak disertai dengan penga­wasan kualitas. Padahal teknologi CR ini diklaim bisa menghemat bahan bakar dan rendah emisi.

Nah, efisiensi kan tidak hanya dari mesinnya, tapi juga kualitas ba­han bakar. Kalau mesin bisa efisien kan pemakaian bahan bakar bisa lebih hemat alias enggak boros.

Bukan begitu, Bos?

· Pi

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

The Manifesto

Markets have undergone a profound transformation after decades of top-down corporate messaging. As you read this, the marketing world is changing, and with it the way business will be conducted for decades to come. This change is being demanded by the enlightened and empowered consumer – the so-called prosumer – who no longer responds to a media-propelled “brand essence.” Most current advertising still relies on obsessive proliferation of the brand through mass media that seek economies of scale – the more eyeballs, the better. But consumers want more than mass messages sent to eyeballs. They want respect, recognition and relevant communication, and they've indicated that the best way to give it to them is through experiences that are personally relevant, memorable, sensory, emotional and meaningful. Consumers have changed dramatically, and the brand world must change to meet their needs and desires, or lose them to those that recognize the unique influences shaping the evolving marketplace.

“Today, customers take product quality and a positive brand image as a given,” writes Columbia Business School guru Bernd H. Schmitt in the seminal book Experiential Marketing. “What they want is products, communications, and marketing campaigns that dazzle their senses, touch their hearts, and stimulate their minds – that deliver an experience.”

The question isn't which industries will be transformed by the focus on customer experience, but only which will be first. Companies who do not recognize this change will perish. Those who see the necessity for change and embrace XM will be embraced in turn by the most empowered consumer base in the history of the world. At the IXMA, an international cadre of forward-thinkers is building and propagating the experiential marketing (XM) revolution.

Read the complete manifesto..

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Answer by GM Indonesia to Cry for help by Blazer User community

CLICK ini untuk Jawaban/Minta Maaf GM atas isu promosi servis ini ...

Mohon hak jawab dari GM digunakan segera atas kesempatan
Posted by: "Diaz@office" tomikris Sun Dec 17, 2006 5:12 pm (PST)

Yang Kami hormati bapak bapak Petinggi GM,

Mohon tanggapan dari bapak bapak untuk segera menggunakan hak jawab yang diberikan ketua umum BIC kami dimilis ini,

Seperti kita ketahui bersama, bahwa jika Ketua Umum kami bersabda, maka titah beliau. akan segera dipatuhi seluruh anggota BIC di Indonesia.

Secara pribadi yang saya ketahui saat ini, Ketua Umum kami sedang sibuk menyabarkan para anggota BIC untuk tidak segera bertindak sendiri sendiri, karena hingga detik ini pihak GM belum juga menggunakan hak jawabnya.
Kami mengetahui bahwa pihak GM memonitor milis ini dan kami juga sudah melakukan cross check bahwa issue ini sudah diketahui oleh pihak GM.

Ini hanyalah gently reminder dari kami komunitas pengguna blazer di Indonesia yang sangat prihatin mutu service yang diberikan GM pada customernya di Indonesia

Tomi Diaz

Monday, December 18, 2006

Elegant solutions - Let Learning Lead

Learnng and innovation go hand in hand, but learning comes first.

Real learning is a cycle of questioning, experimenting and reflecting. It's how we convert curiosity into an innovative solution, so learning must BE the work, not something separate from it. Learning triggers creativity down the line, and makes the other practices work.

Learning cycles come naturally. But they were replaced by institutional education as we grew up. So all we really have to do is get back in touch with them and practice. And learning cycles aren't complicated. they are all around us. so much so that we often discount them.

The next time you see an infant in a high chair throwing food on the floor, know that you are watching a learning cycle in action...

Download the Manifesto...

Chevrolet Epica - Will we see this likely competitor for the Camry in Indonesia?

With its sporty yet elegant contours, the Epica complies exactly with the taste of Europe’s car drivers. In the distinctly arranged front section, particular highlights include the large wrap-around clear-glass headlamps and the substantial cross bar carrying the large Chevrolet bow tie in the chrome grille.

The side view of Chevrolet’s new top-of-the-line sedan is strikingly modern with its rising, wedge-shaped profile. It is marked by a striking character line that extends to the front and rear wings. The designers have positioned the grip-type chrome door handles and the large outer mirrors with integrated indicator lamps precisely on this character line. The rear is dominated by the large bumper and the dominant chrome strip that joins up the two tail lamps with their circular lenses.

The generous amount of space is one of the strengths of the front-wheel driven Epica (length/width/height: 4,805 / 1,810 / 1,450 mm, wheelbase: 2,700 mm).

Compare to the Toyota Camry's dimensions of 4805 / 1821 mm, wheelbase : 2776 mm, which is vertually identical.

Read the full article at

Brand Perception

By Michel Hogan, - Business manifestos

We Need a New Word for Brand

To unlock the brand's true potential, today’s companies need to let go of slick superficiality and embrace authenticity! more

Brand perception
Specfically,customer perception - what they think you are is who you are. the Holy Grail of brand today is to create the right customer perception-the perfect mix of emotion and smarts that will drive boatloads of customers your way. And the best way to create that perception - a louder, bigger message that is put in more places! Slapped on t-shirts and caps for employees and splashed across the pagesof magazines and TV screens, how could anyone resist? Thankfully, this is not the end of the story...

The next wave

There is a new wave on the horizon. Let's call it the authentic brand. Authentic brands are deeply rooted inside the company. They are much more than the marketing veneer applied to the exterior face of the company. Authentic brands are honest. They are powerful mechanisms guiding decisions and direction across all functions of a company. they naturally filter out to the customer and everyone the company touches through those decisions and actions. This is the brand I love!

Download the complete manifesto..

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Program ramah Chevrolet Indonesia

(15/12/2006) - PT. General Motors Autoworld Indonesia (GMAW Indonesia) selaku Agen Tunggal Pemegang Merek Chevrolet menggelar aktivitas aftersales khas Chevrolet bertajuk CHEVY CARE di areal parkir Kelapa Gading Mall I, Jakarta Utara. Chevy Care digelar mulai tanggal 15 hingga 17 Desember 2006 (Jumat-Sabtu-Minggu).

CHEVY CARE merupakan program differensiasi aftersales dari GMAW yang mengemas kegiatan aftersales dengan cara berbeda melalui Chevrolet Care program.

Aktivitas program CHEVY CARE selama 3 hari tersebut mencakup pengecekan kondisi gratis (10 items) untuk mobil Chevrolet jenis Trooper, Zafira, Optra, Blazer, Montera, Tavera, Aveo, Spark, Kalos dan Estate. Selain itu, Chevy Care juga memberikan pelayanan salon mobil gratis, yang pengerjaannya akan dibantu oleh Chevy Babes yang cantik dan smart.

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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

The Challenge of Changing GM

Even the most gung-ho General Motors executive will admit that one of the company’s most vexing problems is changing the image of its brands with many consumers, especially those on the coasts who swore off American cars of every stripe years ago. The tough part, says GM car czar Robert A. “Bob” Lutz, is that it can’t be done with simple marketing. In a recent interview, Lutz said that “there isn’t enough marketing money in the world to change the perception of some of our brands overnight.”

Read the article at Autobeat ..

Monday, December 11, 2006

2007 Chevy Aveo (U.S.A. Test)

by Rex Roy -

New styling inside and out looks better than the outgoing model.

The base Aveo LS is a basic car … maybe too basic?

Front seats and cup holders should be better.

That jingling you hear isn't sleigh bells - it's actually the change left in your pocket after filling the 2007 Chevrolet Aveo's 45 Liter (11.9-gallon) fuel tank. This is but one of the joys of driving Chevy's small-but-tall people hauler. The fact that it is (actually) not bad to drive is another.

If you're a car-type person, you may remember that the Aveo was all-new in 2004. In a move that shows just how competitive today's automotive world is, General Motors elected to refurbish their entry-level model for its fourth model year. Good thing, too, as the Aveo's competition is just as fresh, and includes solid players such as the Hyundai Accent, the Honda Fit, and the Toyota Yaris.

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