Monday, December 18, 2006

Brand Perception

By Michel Hogan, - Business manifestos

We Need a New Word for Brand

To unlock the brand's true potential, today’s companies need to let go of slick superficiality and embrace authenticity! more

Brand perception
Specfically,customer perception - what they think you are is who you are. the Holy Grail of brand today is to create the right customer perception-the perfect mix of emotion and smarts that will drive boatloads of customers your way. And the best way to create that perception - a louder, bigger message that is put in more places! Slapped on t-shirts and caps for employees and splashed across the pagesof magazines and TV screens, how could anyone resist? Thankfully, this is not the end of the story...

The next wave

There is a new wave on the horizon. Let's call it the authentic brand. Authentic brands are deeply rooted inside the company. They are much more than the marketing veneer applied to the exterior face of the company. Authentic brands are honest. They are powerful mechanisms guiding decisions and direction across all functions of a company. they naturally filter out to the customer and everyone the company touches through those decisions and actions. This is the brand I love!

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