Saturday, January 06, 2007

Chevrolet Borrego

Chevrolet developed the Transformer-like Borrego concept vehicle to target youthful, active drivers

Targeting youthful, active drivers, Chevrolet has developed the Transformer-like Borrego concept vehicle. With partner Subaru supplying the drivetrain, it's hard not to see the Borrego as a 21st-century Brat, though the Gen-Y target audience never heard of that bite-sized pickup.

In cargo mode, the Borrego is a two-seater with a six-foot bed. Activate the Avalanche-inspired midgate via remote control to create four-place seating, reducing the cargo box to three feet. A roof panel that is stored under the cargo bed is then installed to cover these two new seats, and the rear window can be raised again, if desired. Self-inflating seals keep the compartment watertight regardless of whether it's set up for two passengers or four.

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