Thursday, April 05, 2007

Chevy : The Proud Parent of Triplets

By Ed Peper

General Manager, Chevrolet

What an exciting year we’ve had here at Chevy! I could spend a whole post just talking about all the great stuff that Chevy’s already done this year. You can be thankful I’m resisting the temptation, though.

But there is something new and exciting that I have to tell you about — Chevy’s new set of triplets.

At the New York Auto Show, we have just unveiled our latest babies — the Chevrolet Beat, Groove and Trax — a trio of vehicles that demonstrate GM’s design innovation. We’re always biased about our own “kids,” but I really think these are fun and spirited concepts. I’m proud that they are practical and fuel-sipping, but they don’t sacrifice style. These cars also fulfill the rising popularity of this segment worldwide, from Shanghai to Paris to Rio to Moscow — all places where Chevrolet sales are already rising fast! And we think they’ll help us grow sales even more.

Now, we want the consumer’s opinion on these new products. So we’re soliciting public reaction at Head on over, take a look at the triplets — and let us know what you think!

Want to see more photos? Make sure to check out Flickr.

Chevy Concepts on Flickr

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