Thursday, November 30, 2006

New Models: First-ever diesel Chevy on show


The first diesel-engined Chevrolet, the Lacetti (Optra/Estate?) TDCi, will make its debut at the Bologna Motor Show next week. The latest-generation Lacetti, a car formerly sold as a Daewoo, will be available by next summer with GM's all-new 2.0-litre diesel engine, producing 121bhp and 206lb-ft of torque. This engine will take the Lacetti up to 117mph, giving 0-62mph acceleration in 9.8 seconds, and a return of 49.5mpg (five-door hatch) or 47 mpg (station wagon). Carbon dioxide outputs are 149g/km (hatch) and 158 g/km (estate), so annual car tax or company car tax won't be too punitive, either.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Chevrolet Spark Concept di Auto China 2006

(28/11/2006) -
Chery QQ yang baru saja diluncurkan di Indonesia, pernah berurusan dengan Chevrolet. Produsen otomotif USA ini menuding QQ menjiplak Chevrolet Spark dan membawa kasus ini ke pengadilan. Pengadilan memenangkan gugatan Chevrolet.

Tahun ini, Chevrolet mengeluarkan kreasi terbarunya, Spark Concept di Auto China 2006 di Beijing Terlihat seperti Smart dengan ukuran sedikit lebih besar, Spark Concept tampil dengan disain lampu utama yang unik dan grille baru. Dibelakang kombinasi lampu belakang dipasang vertikal. Mobil mini ini tetap dirancang untuk mengakomodasi empat penumpang.

Tidak ada informasi tentang powertrain maupun kapan versi produksinya akan dipasarkan.

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Sunday, November 26, 2006

Offre “satisfait ou remboursé” chez Chevrolet : gare…

Par Raphael Caplan le 26 novembre 2006 |

On n'a pas de diesel, sauf sur le
Captiva, mais on a des idées chez Chevrolet Europe (anciennement Daewoo). Pour dynamiser les ventes de la vieillissante Kalos, on propose au client de la ramener si elle ne lui plait pas. Bon évidemment, ce n'est pas une offre pérenne, puisqu'elle n'est valable que du 7 novembre au 31 décembre, pour des voitures livrables avant mars 2007, et ne concerne pas les versions GPL. Autre restriction, le client mécontent ne devra pas avoir parcouru plus de 3000 km, ni avoir possédé sa voiture plus d'un mois. Ce n'est pas tout : il lui faudra aussi présenter le bon de commande pour un modèle équivalent acheté chez la concurrence. Autrement dit, le nombre de véhicules repris par Chevrolet devrait être très faible, ce qui rend cette opération "satisfait ou remboursé" peut-être plus intéressante pour le constructeur, qui va attirer le chaland à moindre coût dans ses points de vente, que pour le client, qui au total n'a pas grand chose à gagner. Prix de base de la Kalos : 7990 €, soit moins qu'une Panda, une Twingo ou une C1.

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Friday, November 24, 2006

Evaluasi Captiva (Inggris + Belanda)

Road Test UK: Chevrolet Captiva (2006)

With the upcoming introduction of the Chevy Captiva in Indonesia as the replacement of the discontinued Blazer, we hereby submit several articles with in-depth evaluations of the unit which is ach is already on sale in Europe.


Roomy with a versatile interior, well made with a surprising quality feel, comfortable on bad roads, some off-road ability, well-equipped, very good value

Petrol version feels gutless, soggy dynamics, hardly an invigorating drive

Decent compact SUV, doesn't move the game on but gets a four-star rating because it's such good value

Price range £16,000 to £25,000 approx. On sale in UK first quarter 2007

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Dutch Evaluation under Indonesia-like road conditions ( Very interesting..
Unfortunately the article is in Dutch. If you are interested in a translation, let me know and I will see if I can find the time. very interesting article.

One more Ductch article ( ...

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

GM Looks Forward in China

There's no telling how fast China car sales will grow, GM says. by Joseph Szczesny (2006-11-20)
After watching sales inChina increase 37 percent this year, GM expects more double-digit growth in 2007 as the Chinese market continues its rapid expansion. GM sales in the People's Republic of China, including those made by Shanghai GM, SAIC-GM-Wuling and a small but growing number of imported vehicles, are expected to reach around 950,000 units, according to Michael Bernhard, the chief financial officer for the GM China Group.

What about Indonesia with its huge potential market? When will this potential be explored?

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Indonesia Basis Produksi General Motors

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'Kami masih menghitung berapa investasi yang dibutuhkan untuk mengoperasikan pabrik baru itu.' Perusahaan otomotif asal Detroit, Amerika Serikat, General Motors (GM) berencana mengaktifkan kembali pabriknya di Indonesia tahun depan. Pengoperasian pabrik yang sempat berhenti sejak Maret 2005 itu membuat Indonesia menjadi basis produksi mobil GM kedua setelah Thailand. President South East Asia Operations GM William S Botwick menegaskan hal itu di Jakarta, kemarin. Ia mengungkapkan pihaknya sedang mengkaji pengaktifan kembali pabrik di Bekasi, Jawa Barat, yang berhenti beroperasi sejak Maret 2005. Pengkajian itu, menurut William, bertujuan menentukan model mobil yang nantinya diproduksi di pabrik itu. Pihak GM juga tengah menghitung berapa kapasitas produksi yang akan dijalankan dan berapa investasi yang dibutuhkan untuk aktivasi kembali pabrik Bekasi. "Kami masih menghitung berapa investasi yang dibutuhkan untuk mengoperasikan pabrik baru itu. Yang jelas, jika aktivasi pabrik jadi dilakukan, itu berarti kami harus melakukan investasi baru," papar William. Proses pengkajian itu, ujar William, akan selesai pada akhir kuartal I 2007. Jika sudah beroperasi, tidak tertutup kemungkinan mobil hasil produksi pabrik di Bekasi akan diekspor ke luar negeri.

Dari proyek itu, GM berharap bisa menjual 15 ribu-25 ribu unit mobil di Indonesia, dalam lima tahun ke depan.
Pabrik GM di Bekasi didirikan pada 1993. Ketika itu, GM menginvestasikan dana US$110 juta dan bekerja sama dengan Garmak Motor untuk mendirikan General Motors Buana Indonesia. Sebelum ditutup Maret 2005, pabrik itu mampu memproduksi 15 ribu mobil merek Chevrolet dan Opel. Pasca-penutupan pabrik di Bekasi, General Motors Indonesia (GMI) terpaksa mengimpor mobil merek Chevrolet dari Thailand. Di Asia Tenggara, pangsa pasar mobil produksi GM termasuk kecil jika dibanding¦ kan dengan pabrikan mobil asal Jepang atau Eropa, hanya berkisar 3% atau kurang lebih 45 ribu mobil. Di pasar nasional, penjualan GM baru mencapai 750 unit pada tahun lalu dan 680 pada periode Januari-Oktober 2006. Selain menyampaikan rencana pengoperasian kembali pabriknya, William juga mengkritik kebijakan penerapan pajak penjualan barang mewah (PPnBM) produk otomotif, yang besarannya didasarkan atas kapasitas mesin dan asal negara. "Seharusnya pemerintah menerapkan PPnBM berdasarkan harga jual kendaraan. Dengan demikian, konsumen Indonesia bisa menikmati mobil impor dengan harga yang lebih terjangkau," kata William. Pemerintah langsung merespons usulan ini. Kini beberapa instansi mengkaji utang soal kebijakan PPnBM.

Sumber : Media Indonesia, 09 November 2006

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Ghosn Talks Alliances in Detroit

Associated Press By TOM KRISHER 11.16.06

Ghosn predicted that the automotive business would continue to be tough in five or 10 years with new competitors entering the market.
To be successful, auto companies are going to have to appeal more to the emotions of car buyers as opposed to rationality, he said. "It's gonna require a lot of innovation, a lot of change," he said. Nissan and Renault are watching to see how the domestic Big Three deal with their high labor costs, including health care and pensions, because Asian carmakers with U.S. plants are going to have the same expenses as their work forces age, Ghosn said. "If you don't pay attention, if you don't react today, you're going to face the same problem," he said.

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Chevrolet Prisma “Y” Concept

Text & Photos edited by Clinton Deacon
2 November 2006

Based on the newly launched Sedan Prisma, it is a very versatile multipurpose vehicle

Inspired in the new model recently launched by Chevrolet, Sedan Prisma, General Motors do Brasil’s Design Area created Prisma “Y”, a stylish vehicle which was carefully conceived with a view to developing an adventurous version.

Prisma “Y” is a model aimed at young consumers who are very interested in adventures”, emphasized Carlos Barba, GM Design Director for LAAM Division, encompassing Latin America, Africa and Middle East regions.

The design was totally developed by using the modern GM Design Department’s virtual reality room – the only existing one in the automotive sector all around Country -, and the letter “Y” is the initial of the English word “young” or “youth”.

“For developing Prisma “Y”, we focused on finding out the current directions of the Brazilian market. Our challenge was to find out the Brazilian tendencies and lifestyle”, commented Carlos Barba.

According to Barba, Prisma “Y” is a sportive and versatile vehicle, with capacity to carry not only five people, but also several camping and surfing equipment, including surfboards and bikes. “Everything that reminds us of weekend recreation and leisure is what our concept vehicle aims at”, added Barba.

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Thursday, November 16, 2006

Common Platform

GM siapkan platform baru Aveo

Meskipun GM adalah pemain terbesar di dunia, perusahaan ini kurang beruntung dalam mengembangkan common platform (satu platform yang bisa digunakan banyak model). Saat ini GM sedang mengembangkan platfom kendaraan kecil yang dikalangan internal diberi nama Gamma. Platfom ini menjadi basis untuk Opel Corsa dan Chevrolet Aveo baru dan model-model lain dengan produksi 1.4 juta unit pertahun mulai 2009. Meskipun belum dikonfirmasi, Gamma akan dibuat di Korea, China, Thailand, India, Jerman, Eropa Timur, Mexico dan Venezuela.

Diharapkan platform cukup fleksibel untuk aneka variasi dipasar global. Platform global ini akan ekonomis karena diproduksi dalam jumlah sangat besar. Juga menguntungkan para pemasoknya di seluruh dunia. Di Korea akan menggunakan merek Daewo, di Eropa dengan Opel, USA dan China menggunakan merek Chevrolet. Gamma akan menggantikan model-model dari dua platform, termasuk diantaranya adalah Daewoo Kalos, Matiz, Gentra, Chevrolet Aveo, Opel Corsa, Tigra dan Meriva.

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Monday, November 06, 2006

My Way or the Highway

By Doug Herberger
GMNA Vice President, GM Service and Parts Operations

When’s the last time you were told as a customer, “Sorry, we don’t do it that way,” or “We can order that for you, but it will take about six weeks?”

Unless you’re being offered one of those rare, hot commodities where you are willing to wait, these answers just won’t cut it. If you’re like me, you just won’t do business there anymore.

In the last two decades many of us have found that time is becoming more and more valuable. With the demands of work, family and friends increasing in time and priority, many folks would agree: I don’t have the time or energy to fight over getting exactly what I want when I fork over hard-earned cash to any merchant.

So I say, “From now on, it’s my way or the highway.” To a certain degree, car and truck buyers should expect no less when they purchase one of our great GM products.

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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Automotive Sales : Projection 2010

The Government has placed as target to surpass the 1 million unit mark by the year 2010. Although this seems high it is only an increase of around 66% compared to the 2005 figures. Since the majority of the sales would be contributed by the MPV segment, the ignored sedan segment is also targeted for contribution.

This optimistic target was justified by proposed fiscal incentives as well as the continuing improving national economy.

(Quoted from a report by Desy Anwar, MetroTV, 31 Oct. 2006)