Saturday, November 18, 2006

Chevrolet Prisma “Y” Concept

Text & Photos edited by Clinton Deacon
2 November 2006

Based on the newly launched Sedan Prisma, it is a very versatile multipurpose vehicle

Inspired in the new model recently launched by Chevrolet, Sedan Prisma, General Motors do Brasil’s Design Area created Prisma “Y”, a stylish vehicle which was carefully conceived with a view to developing an adventurous version.

Prisma “Y” is a model aimed at young consumers who are very interested in adventures”, emphasized Carlos Barba, GM Design Director for LAAM Division, encompassing Latin America, Africa and Middle East regions.

The design was totally developed by using the modern GM Design Department’s virtual reality room – the only existing one in the automotive sector all around Country -, and the letter “Y” is the initial of the English word “young” or “youth”.

“For developing Prisma “Y”, we focused on finding out the current directions of the Brazilian market. Our challenge was to find out the Brazilian tendencies and lifestyle”, commented Carlos Barba.

According to Barba, Prisma “Y” is a sportive and versatile vehicle, with capacity to carry not only five people, but also several camping and surfing equipment, including surfboards and bikes. “Everything that reminds us of weekend recreation and leisure is what our concept vehicle aims at”, added Barba.

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