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J.D. Power: Makin banyak keluhan terhadap mobil baru di Indonesia

(01/12/2006) - J.D Power Asia Pacific 2006 Indonesia Initial Quality Studi menyimpulkan Yaris, Vios, Fortuner dan Innova paling sedikit dilaporkan bermasalah ditap segmenya. Hasil studi ini diumumkan Kamis (30/11).

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J.D. Power Asia Pacific conducts the CSI study annually in markets across the Asia-Pacific region to measure customer satisfaction with maintenance and repair service at authorized dealer service centers. The 2006 study measures overall customer satisfaction with after-sales service based on 35 dealer performance attributes, which are grouped into seven factors. The factors are (in order of importance): service quality; problems experienced; user-friendly service; service advisor; service initiation; service delivery; and in-service experience. CSI performance is reported as an index score based on a 1,000-point scale. A higher CSI score indicates greater customer satisfaction with the after-sales service experience at authorized dealer service centers.

The overall industry CSI score this year is 754 points. The overall industry has remained relatively stable since 2004, registering only a marginal two-point decline.

“Providing an after-sales service experience that meets or exceeds customer expectations is imperative for authorized dealer service centers to further strengthen their relationship with customers,” said Rajeev Nair, country manager at J.D. Power Asia Pacific. “Apart from contributing to repeat business for the dealer, satisfied customers create positive word-of-mouth recommendations that drive first-time sales for the brand.”

“A delightful service experience contributes toward ensuring that customers do not defect to non-authorized service facilities, especially once the warranty period is over,” said Nair. “The study finds that only 4 percent of customers who provide CSI scores at or above industry average state they are likely to defect to a non-authorized service facility for maintenance once the warranty period is over. This statistic triples to 13 percent among customers who provide below-average satisfaction scores, further reinforcing the business case for authorized dealerships to invest in customer satisfaction.”
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