Monday, October 23, 2006

Guts (book)

By Bob Lutz
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Guts:8 Laws of Business from One of the Most Innovative Business Leaders of Our Time is a 2003 management book by Robert A. Lutz, GM Vice Chairman, Product Development

A self-described "maverick", Lutz organizes the book around his "8 Immutable Laws of Business" which he poses as strawmen to demonstrate that even the best principles can be harmful if taken too far. Lutz draws extensively from his personal experience to illustrate the business principles in the book.

  • Law 1 - The Customer Isn't Always Right
  • Law 2 - The Primary Purpose of Business Is Not to Make Money
  • Law 3 - When Everybody Else Is Doing It, Don't!
  • Law 4 - Too Much Quality Can Ruin You
  • Law 5 - Financial Controls Are Bad
  • Law 6 - Disruptive People Are an Asset
  • Law 7 - Teamwork Isn't Always Good
  • Law 8 – When You Inherit a Really Big Rat’s Nest, Don’t Try to Lure Them Out with Food. Use a Flamethrower!
  • Leadership Corollaries
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