Thursday, March 30, 2006

The future of GM Indonesia : Statement by Mr.Ali Pandir, General Manager

Dear friends,

Over the past few days there have been rumors that GM is
planning to pull out of Indonesian market and that we will be replaced by a
new ATPM.

We understand that these rumors are causing concern and we want to reassure
you that these rumors are untrue.

GM has no plans to pull out from Indonesia, where we intend to continue
building the Chevrolet name into a respected automotive brand in the long
term. That is why we recently introduced new models like the Chevrolet

As part of this process, we are working to strengthen our dealership for
sales and customer service. We are also making other efforts to strengthen
the Chevrolet name into a respected and trusted brand.

We appreciate your patience and hopefully, we will soon be in a position to
tell you about what we are doing to create a stronger and better dealership
network and how we will establish stronger Chevrolet brand in Indonesia.


Ali Pandir
President Director
General Motors Indonesia

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