Thursday, May 11, 2006

World Keeps Getting Bigger for Chevrolet

By Dee Allen

Staff Director Global Product & Brand Communications Integration

Say “Chevrolet” in the United States, and people think of everything from a turquoise and white 1957 Bel Air to a 2006 Corvette Z06; from a heavy duty Silverado to an Aveo. What most people don’t think of is Chevrolet’s global expansion: in China (up 180 percent in first-quarter 2006), Venezuela (up 57 percent), Italy (up 33 percent) and Brazil (up 26.8 percent).

How is Chevrolet doing it? With great cars and trucks designed and manufactured around the world – in Canada, Brazil, Thailand, Russia, Mexico, the United States and elsewhere. An especially big boost has come from Chevrolets manufactured in South Korea at GM Daewoo. There, Chevrolets such as the Aveo, Matiz and Epica have made GM Daewoo the second-largest Korean auto manufacturer in April and contributed to a 27 percent increase in production in 2005.

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Quoted from the GM-Blog "Fastlane" :

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